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Two Worlds, one fate
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Every Talan, while he is still a child, has an essence sleeping deep into him. When they reach a certain age, Talan go to the Well of the Essences (in Shamazaar). During the ceremony, the child is converted and his essence is revealed to him. Each will define one or several casts and those casts will made the backbone of the Talan society. The life of each Talan is conditioned by his essence and none will think about changing his cast. The universe is in a state of profound harmony when the essences are balanced: Fire (FAE), Water (ELUEE), Earth (GANDHA) and Air (KA). If the harmony is broken by an imbalance amongst the essences, the gods or their go-betweens, the spirits, warn and help the Talans.

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Gandha (Earth)

Gandha (Earth)

Many Talan carry the essence of Gandha, they are the hard-working foundation of Adelphan society: farmers and fishermen, as well as workers and merchants.
Farmers and fishermen are easily recognisable by their tunics and cone-shaped hats, The former are primarily found in the fields of Shamazaar while the latter are often found fishing in the swamps of Okansankaar.
Many merchants trade in the great city of Okriana in Talanzaar, dressed in colourful clothes and turbans.
Oftentimes hard labour is carried out by slaves. Iron shackles around their necks and wrists symbolise their standing in the fringes of society and they can barely afford even the simplest of clothing.