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Two Worlds, one fate
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Every Talan, while he is still a child, has an essence sleeping deep into him. When they reach a certain age, Talan go to the Well of the Essences (in Shamazaar). During the ceremony, the child is converted and his essence is revealed to him. Each will define one or several casts and those casts will made the backbone of the Talan society. The life of each Talan is conditioned by his essence and none will think about changing his cast. The universe is in a state of profound harmony when the essences are balanced: Fire (FAE), Water (ELUEE), Earth (GANDHA) and Air (KA). If the harmony is broken by an imbalance amongst the essences, the gods or their go-betweens, the spirits, warn and help the Talans.

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Ka (air)

Ka (air)

When the Well of Essence reveals a Talan to be of the essence of air (KA), he will henceforth belong to the smallest and most exclusive cast of Talan culture - The Shamaz.
Feared and respected by all clans, they are the religious leaders of the people of Adelpha. Those priests are talented healers and have the power of “laying of hands” to heal wounds.
There are only seven of them and they all reside in the temple world of Shamazaar.
Six of them each represent one of the Adelphan worlds, while the seventh, known as the KamShamaz, manages the overall work of the congregation.