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Two Worlds, one fate
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The test of Fae
North & south military camp


Motazaar… With fire geysers, flowing lava, and sandstorms, this arid region really is Hell on Adelpha. Not to mention all the gamors roaming around the place.
The settlement is lost in the middle of the mountains, concentrated around an oasis and an open-pit mine. Fae Rhan's men force the local population to work in the helidium extraction camps. This rare mineral is used for manufacturing and improving weaponry.
The miners strengthen their resolve by singing, but their morale is rock bottom. Their Shamazhas been imprisoned; he alone knows where the Mon is. If I can convince the Talansto resist and cut the soldiers off from their supplies, it should be enough to significantly weaken the enemy forces… Saving the Shamazwill be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!