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Two Worlds, one fate
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Training camp to the west
Prisons to the southeast
Krakits, Gamors, Kamenaïs, Boogots
Fae leaves


I'm starting to think that the trader in Talanzaar swindled me out of my last zorkins hoping he'd never see me alive again. Everything that moves or grows in this huge forest wants a piece of me!
The information that led me here indicates that parts of the probe I'm after have been seen somewhere around this place. Kyuran, one of the only hunters who dares set foot here, came across a group of pretty shifty soldiers to the east. No sign of the Shamaz, but there are local legends about some kind of primitive beings that still live in the jungle hereabouts.
According to the on-board computer, I only have 48 more hours to locate and repair the probe, then neutralize the source of the black hole threatening the Earth. Playtime's over!