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Two Worlds, one fate
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Gamors, Gorgor
Military camp


This mission is starting to smell a bit fishy. I'm stranded on a flooded and rain-swept archipelago the natives call Okasankaar. There's only one high-point around, and that's where they've built the port they call Cyana, which is home to a few people who fish for edible sea-creatures called Sankaars. The other islands in the archipelago are impossible to get to by swimming: I almost got eaten by some sort of shark-like things when I tried.Faé Rhan soldiers control the town, and the locals are too scared to give me any open help. Just as well. This planet is a lunatics' asylum: Kaleb the Shamaz couldn't think of anything better to do than stash his Mon in the lair of the biggest carnivore on Adelpha!And what are the Mons for, anyway? Where is the probe? And are the other 3 members of the mission still alive?