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Two Worlds, one fate
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Southeast military bases


Marion Wolfe speaking... I still don't know why, but I abruptly went through just a few minutes after Slade. I also have to report some serious malfunctions with respect to the accuracy of teleportation. I awoke, alone, in the middle of a desert beneath two blazing suns. I owe my survival to the presence of an imposing pyramid, which was visible from far off.As the group's exobiologist, I am keenly aware of the importance of my research, and so I am pursuing my mission objective: learn as much as possible about the extra-terrestrial life here and collect all information which may prove useful.Thus far, I have observed that this planet is inhabited by intelligent anthropoids. It would seem that they are the ones who erected the pyramid and the city that extends from its base. These Talans (as they call themselves) are organized in castes, each with their own dress code, and they possess highly-developed linguistic faculties. How else could they have learned my language?
*Note for Kauffman: make sure to pack some aspirin in the inter-universe travel kit.